Hatim and Hobo enter the kingdom of Pasha

Telecast Date: 23 Nov 2008
King of Paristan by his magic makes the Queen of Yemen meet Hatim. Dajjal waits for Hatim to place his foot towards the second answer so that he can kill him. Najjomi brings Dajjal’s message to Sunayna for marrying him. Hatim and Hobo enter the kingdom of Pasha. Pasha is introduced as a magician; he sleeps twelve hours at noon. The tribes prison Hatim and Hobo as they think them to be Pasha’s men. Zakali, the head of the tribe, identifies Hatim and Hobo and frees them. Hatim, Hobo and Zakali get arrested by Nadira and Maziyar. Pasha kills Zakali. Nadira starts to like Hatim and Maziyar gets angry at her. Pasha recognizes Hatim and tells Dajjal that he will bring Hatim in front of him in exchange for twelve hours of his life. But Dajjal rejects the proposal as he doesn’t want Pasha to become stronger than him. Maziyar tells his soldiers to kill Hatim.
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