Hatim and Hobo face many obstacles to reach the "Waqt Ka Darwaza"

Telecast Date: 08 Dec 2008
Hatim turns into an animal by night and Jasmine into a bird every morning. The King of Paristan tells Hatim the way to reach Rubina. Hatim and Hobo, with the help of a magic book arrive at a place from where they come to know how to reach the “Waqt Ka Darwaza” i.e. the gateway of time. Baba Behroz gives a map to Hatim that helps him to reach the gateway of time. Hatim and Hobo with Jasmine start the journey on a ship to get the first key of the gateway of time. Snow King Timsal and Baba Behroz are happy as their dream to acquire the gateway of time is going to come true. After facing many obstacles, Hatim and Hobo reach Zehristan where Hatim wins a fight with a devil bull and finds a way to get the key “Nagmani”. The Snake Queen asks Hatim to get the seeds. Hatim ploughs the land and sows the seeds. A magic plant grows up and they see a door in the plant where Hatim enters with Hobo.
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