Hatim and Hobo find the first and the second keys of "Waqt Ka Darwaza"

Telecast Date: 09 Dec 2008
After fighting with evil things, Hatim and Hobo find the first key “Nagmani” of the gateway of time. Hatim cures Hobo with the help of the key. Hatim and Hobo reach the island of lost dreams. They realize that they can see their dreams in front of them. Hatim and Hobo see Laila, Jasmine, and Tulki. Akkash the master of the island of lost dreams sees Hatim and Hobo and says that soon their dreams will turn to nightmares. The island of lost dreams starts spinning and Hatim and Hobo go through some horrible dreams. Soon Hatim and Hobo realize that the place is so magical that it weaves its magic on all people. They come out of that magical place. Akkash realizes that Hatim is a man of his willpower, so Akkash sends them to a room full of keys and asks Hatim to find the right key. Hatim finds the right key.
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