Hatim and Hobo struggle in the world of mirror

Telecast Date: 21 Nov 2008
Dajjal tries to kill Hatim by his evil powers. Hobo drops the “Aab-e-Shabab” on the ground and the whole mansion gets ruined. Zalima dies but Dajjal is safe. Jasmine informs the same to her father. Hatim brings back the village girls to their home. Hatim and Hobo hear some sounds and follow it. A mansion is built by magic in the sea. Hobo and Hatim go inside the mansion. Hobo flaunts to see beautiful girls. Hatim by his cleverness sees the actual face of the queen which is ugly. The queen goes inside the mirror and Hatim follows her. Hobo’s ring falls on the ground while talking to Hatim. The queen informs Dajjal that according to his wish she has sent Hatim in the world of mirror. Hatim and Hobo struggle in the world of mirror. The Queen goes to break the mirror so that Hatim could not come out from the world of mirror.
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