Hatim leaves with Hobo to find the answers to the seven questions

Telecast Date: 17 Nov 2008
Sunayna refuses Dajjal’s marriage proposal. Dajjal turns Sunayna’s brother Suraj into a stone and tells her that no one can bring Suraj back to normal if she does not accept his marriage proposal in seven months. When Vishal comes to know that only Hatim can defeat Dajjal, he goes to meet him. Hatim comes to know that the answers to the seven questions can reduce the evil power and bring Suraj back to normal. Hatim leaves the palace with Hobo in search of the answers. Hatim and Hobo are attacked by Dajjal’s magic. They come across a genie who thanks Hatim for releasing him from Dajjal’s magic. He gives Hatim a magic map to the sea of fire that goes to Azlaf’s kingdom. A water genie on Azlaf’s orders tries to prevent Hatim and Hobo from reaching the shore before the sea water becomes fire.
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